Not Safe For the World. I have recently re-discovered dancing, if I may be so bold as to call it that. More like spazzing around while holding onto the edge of a sturdy piece of furniture. I’ve not attempted it in front of anyone -I make Elaine Bennis look like these folks. Needless to say, I only do it in the privacy of my own home, as a part of my PT routine. I’m not so much concerned about what other people will think of me, as I am about frightening them, and inspiring them to sedate me for my own protection. My current dance mix (and, mind you, one of these tracks usually finishes me off for the day.): All About The Bass, That’s Not my Name, Tightrope, Save It For Later, Down, Down, Down, Rocket Scentist. Trust me, I’m nothing like this dude. Anywho, I have fun, and it feels good. Even if it might be terrifying to look at. (No mirrors in my living room…)

And another thing. I mentioned The Firefly, a power attachment for a manual wheelchair, which I thought at the time was not available in the US. I was wrong. It, and several other gizmos, can be had from Rio Mobility. They also offer – and this item I am even more interested in – The Pivot, a lever-drive system that replaces the wheels of the chair, and affords the driver a much more efficient way to drive a wheelchair. It’s priced a bit over my head, but it is on my wish list, waiting for my ship to come in.

Now, I am getting away from my desk and going to sit on the stoop and enjoy this lovely summer day. We in Maine wait all year for days like this one. Or maybe I’ll pull the curtains and dance!


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