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Even fat bald old lions still need to roar. And where better than in the Maine Maul.

Multiple sclerosis is a weird disease. It sometimes shows up in devestating ways, bringing near-complete disability, sometimes it is nothing more than the strange little tickle that’s been creeping around on my right leg, a feeling as if there is a bit of celephane tape stuck there. Strange.

In what feels like some sort of surrender, I asked my neurologist to start the paperwork to get me a handicap tag for my car, the kind that hangs down from the rear view mirror. It has not happened often, but there have been occasions where I’ve cruised a parking lot, only to have to settle for a space far from the store. Like with my snowshoe trek from last weekend, it can feel like I’m climbing Mt. Everest. So, OK, I guess in maybe a little way, I’m disabled. There, I said it. Doesn’t really feel very good though.

It’s funny though, how through difficult times, good things can happen. I’ve met some interesting people, both for real and on-line, and opened up some deep conversations that never would have happened were it not for multiple sclerosis. There is always a silver lining.


2 thoughts on “Roar

  1. I love the composition of this photo! And the subject — the lion — captures the feeling non-shoppers have when forced to shop.

  2. Just a quick comment on the handicap window hanger…go for it. If you feel the need for it, take advantage of the fact that it is available. You don’t have to use it unless you really need to use it on a particular day.

    I understand the feeling of giving in to the disease, but you have to pick your battles. Perhaps because you use the handicap spot today and don’t over exert…another day you will be more able to go out snowshoeing or something.

    And, of course, your doc shouldn’t approve the paperwork if he didn’t think you deserved it.

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