Ice #4

Now that (maybe) spring is here, a few last ice images.

I’m tired, maybe a hangover from a weekend away. The thing about multiple sclerosis is that I’m always second guessing. Is it the MS or just normal life?

I got a book about yoga from the local MS Society chapter. It sets out a week-by-week course, which looks pretty easy to fit into my busy (ha) schedule. We shall see.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “Ice #4”

  1. Love the picture!

    I think second guessing goes along with many chronic diseases. Is the fatigue the disease…or just me working too hard? Do my joints hurt because I am getting old – or is it arthritis (which is associated with Crohn’s diease)? One of the hardest things to do is seperate a “normal” illness or symptom from THE illness.

    And part of the reason…for me…is that if I get a cold or the flu or something…it ALWAYS causes symptoms with my Crohn’s…sometimes before I even notice the cold coming on, I’ll have a half a day of gut problems…

    And even doctors can have this problem…my gastro doc was very upset with the “crohn’s” symptoms I had a couple years ago until one of his partners said to him “You know, if he didn’t have Crohn’s disease…I would think it was his gall bladder…” A light bulb went on in my docs head…it was the gall bladder and tehy yanked it out. End of problem.

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