Ice #5

It really is remarkable what you can find in your own driveway. I think I already posted this image, but I just did a whole reorganization of these images (I was getting scattered, storing images on two different servers, Flickr and Photobucket, and decided to consolidate them all onto Photobucket. Which meant that the urls for every image was changed, so I had to go back and repost them all here, so I got a little messed up. What a pain.)

I have also discovered the pleasure of being able to update this site from work. I took a few minutes this morning to add some links, and I’ve been able to add a daily entry here and there from work. Now that I have a good stock of so-far-unposted images on Photobucket, I can do that more often, when I am feeling tired at night.

I am going in for a sleep study, to find out if I have sleep apnea (I’m sure I do), which I am hoping has a lot to do with my not feeling real sharp most of the time. CPAP, here I come!


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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