Ice 9

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As my wife heads off to go skiing today (another thing MS has taken from me), I prepare for a day of house cleaning. Whoo hoo! What used to take an hour, vacuuming the downstairs, now takes all morning, as I have to take frequent breaks to rest. And I try to get it done as early in the day as I can so I can rest in the afternoon. I’d much rather go skiing. I have seen quite a bit about these ski-bikes, which I am very interested in, which might be a way to get me back onto the slopes.

I saw a mention of Women Against Multiple Sclerosis, and thought that there should be a Men Against Multiple Sclerosis. (Although I’d prefer Men Living with MS, less negative, and more reflective of the reality.) I have not really searched for it, so maybe there is something out there. Hey, they get Terri Garr, we get Squiggy. And Montel. Maybe that’s something I need to look into more deeply.

But I have to get started on my vacuuming.


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