Ice #10

I realize I failed to make any comment in the last entry about the title of the image, Ice 9. Not just a chronological matter, but also a reference to a Kurt Vonnegut creation.

Some of these ice images look decidedly lunar or un-photographic. I promise that except for some color correcting, they are un-messed with, just as nature made them.

I have been thinking more about the Men Living with MS idea, and about Montel and Squiggy, and about seeing if I can make contact with either of them, and see if either of them would consider coming to Portland to speak. Why not?

There is a definite healing power in music. I know this will come as no great revelation to most people, but every now and then it really smacks me in the face. Like just now, listening to Red House by Jimi Hendrix, I lean back in my chair and laugh, and shake my head, and just groove. I tink I’ll listen to it again. Maybe all night long…


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