Ice #13

Ice #13

The ice is melting here in Maine, so I’ll have to turn my attention to whatever is revealed as the glacier receeds.

I’m reading Climbing Higher, Montel William’s book, and have so far been struck by how much he is dependent upon other people’s perception of him. It seems to be the motivating force in his life, and seems also to have been a major concern when he was first diagnosed. He also writes (along with his co-author) about the insanity of keeping medical marijuana out of the hands of people who need it, and writes very eloquently about depression in multiple sclerosis. It’s a slim book, and although it would be nice to read a similar story told by someone without the resources someone like Montel has – flying to Sweeden for an evaluation by the top researcher in the world, top doctors from Harvard Medical School, etc. – I am enjoying it, and do see my experience reflected in his to some degree. Highly recommended reading (along with this site- Multiple Sclerosis Sucks) for anyone who wants to know more about what it is like to live with MS.

I was invited to go to Augusta on Wednesday to be on hand when the Governor signs a proclimation declaring April “MS Awareness Month.” That’ll be pretty cool, although I’m sure every MS patient in the state was invited. Hopefully there will be a good crowd, and hopefully it will get some notice in the press.

I was also asked to participate in the ribbon cutting at the MS Walk on Saturday (I’m still taking donations, if you’re interested in sponsoring me!), whatever that means. I’ll let you know.


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