Heart of Glass #2

I’m not sure where this glass heart came from, probably an artifact from when my daughter was waiting for her heart transplant. I keep it in my camera bag, and look for interesting places to take photographs of it.

I find that when I am typing or writing by hand that I frequently mix up letters, typing “otw” when I mean “two,” or “in” when I mean “on.” It’s not just my usual bad typing skills, it is something else. I pause, not sure what the first letter of the word is, or even what word I wanted to write. Strange.

About a year ago, a brother gave me a copy of a CD, Praises for the World, that meant a lot to him. I initally thought it would be some hokey new age stuff, but when I listened to it, I was instantly transfixed. I played it a lot, mostly in the car – it is a long, 45 minute chant, featuring something like 100 musicians and singers. Very musical and gentle and meditative. I “loaned” it to a friend, and have not heard it since. I recently bought another copy, and played it in the car for the first time this morning. Just like the last time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes, and reminded me that this is heaven. I highly recommend taking a chance, opening your heart and mind, and give it a listen.

“The holiest words I’ve ever read
or thought or sung or prayed,
were praises, praises for the world.”


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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