Beach Stones

News that smoking is not only just plain bad for you, but that it can speed up the progression of multiple sclerosis. As if I needed more incentive.

I was thinking about the Spoon Theory, and came up with a new term “spoonworthy,” as in “Im not sure going to your mother’s house for the weekend is spoonworthy.” I had on my Got Spoons t-shirt the other day, and my kids asked what it meant. The conversation that followed was great, one of the only times we’ve talked about MS.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “Beach Stones”

  1. The smoking stuff is interesting…never really thought of it having an effect on MS one way or the other before. Strangely, however, there is much information on smoking and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Smoking is not an identified risk factor for Crohn’s Disease – but it is a proven detriment to the Crohn’s patient. BUT…for Ulcerative Colitis (the other Inflammatory Bowel Disease) – fewer smokers are diagnosed AND smoking helps relieve symptoms. They have even researched nicotine as a TREATMENT! Very weird!

    Glad I don’t have ulcerative colitis – I would have to take up smoking!

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