The Day After (Poppy 1)

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I have taken to walking the length of my driveway in the mornings, up and back. I had been driving down the steep hill of our road to the main road, where it is flat, for my walks. But that seemed silly, to drive 1 minute for 5 minutes of walking.

I’ve been able to make it up and back twice before the 40 pound weights reappear around my ankles and I have to drag myself, like Igor, back to the house. But for some reason, this morning I did 6 laps, and could have probably done 1 or 2 more, with no ankle weight. Strange. Good strange, but strange.

Multiple sclerosis is a strange disease. Is this a remission? If so, how long will it last? I have not felt this good in over a year, my physical feeling-good translating into an emotional/spiritual-feeling-good. Today I will not question the source or the implication, but will stay in the moment, and enjoy feeling this good.


2 thoughts on “The Day After (Poppy 1)

  1. Beautiful tulips.

    I find it fairly easy to stay in the moment when I don’t feel well, not so easy when I do.

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