Tulips #2

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Sorry about that. My DW corrected me – the flower in the last post was a tulip, not a poppy. Here’s another one.

I was browsing the web site Multiple Sclerosis Sucks, and read this page, and was reminded that I really appreciate the honesty of what he writes. No punches pulled, and he says what I’m sure a lot of us are thinking. Pass the link to someone you love.

I heard a bit by Richard Pryor on my XM Radio yesterday, a routine about MS. It was very real and honest, and full of the profanity that is his trademark. But it wasn’t funny. He sounded like a scared man who was trying to work out some sense about what had happened to him. After two massive heart attacks, and by-pass surgery, and setting himself on fire, after all the wives and all the cocaine, it seems that MS really got his attention. He sounded confused and small. I appreciate how hard it was for him to do that, physically and emotionally, and I applaud him for it.


3 thoughts on “Tulips #2

  1. Rain Pryor (Richard Pryor’s daughter) will be at the Rebif Seminar in Quincy next month, with Teri Garr. They’re on the open panel discussion!

    I love Rain – I’ve seen her in many things and I definitely want to hear her speak!

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