Little Trees


I’ve been seeing a lot about this Sativex stuff. So I thought I’d add my own link. Now that our Supreme Court has outlawed medical marijuana, we’ll have yet another reson to sneak across the border into Canada.


2 thoughts on “Little Trees

  1. Yeah, that is a somewhat controversial ruling. There are times when it makes sense for Federal law to trump state law…but I don’t think this case fits the bill. The medical/scientific communities disagree on this one…so it makes little sense for there to be a Federal ban. So strange that morphine is allowed but medical marijuana isn’t. Look how long it took for acupuncture to become acceptable even though people swore by it for centuries. Can we learn from our mistakes?

    However,that said…it is not for me…

  2. Personally, I’m not a big supporter of marijuana (legal or otherwise), however, I do concur with the chain of thought that it is is nonsense for the federal govt to get mixed up with this kind of legislation. I wonder if the Feds can do anything about Indian Reservations and marijuana? I mean, could these become the new hot-spots for medical treatment?

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