Yellow Line

Driving to the Y on a foggy morning.

I read a lot of blogs every day, or almost every day, and I occasionally browse thru the lists of links that most of these blogs carry. I can get lost for what seems like hours – I feel like a voyeur. It’s facinating, to read and look at what people share of their lives. I guess that makes us posters into exhibitionists. The only problem is that there are so many of them, I can’t possibly look at all of them, or visit them every day. I’d like to, most of the blogs I look at are worthy of it. I’m not sure what this is a testament to, that there are so many people wiling to expose themselves in this fashion. I’ll keep wandering, if you’ll keep posting.

My wife pointed out to me yesterday that perhaps I identify a little too much was a person with MS, and I suppose she is right. MS will probably always be a large part of my life, but she’s right that I don’t want to be Stephen With MS – I’d rather be Stephen. Om tat sat.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Line

  1. You are right that you want to be Stephen and not “Stephen with MS”, but it can be hard to separate the two at times, don’t you think? Because, after all, the disease is part of your life.

    I think that there will be times that it is hard to keep the disease separate, and other times (I would hope) when the separation is easier.

    And at times, it certainly helps to have a spouse to clarify things we may not see or be ignoring. But I do hope she doesn’t minimize the effect of the disease on your life…only you can really understand how you are affected on a day to day basis.

    Anyway…I hope to be back to my blog tomorrow. Vacation was fantastic…and I should have a few things to say!

  2. It is hard to separate yourself from the disease particularly when there are symptoms that stay with you or creep up to tap you on the shoulder.
    I think the blogs are geat for dealing/addressing some of this. Because the blog can never be anymore than a representation of your life anyway. It’s the tip of the iceberg.
    The MS is the same. It’s part of you but it’s not all of you.

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