thru the looking glass

into the looking glass

There are a lot of little things – things that don’t get in my way, but are a bother:

-odd little itches, most notably in the inside corner of my right eye, indside my nostrils (that’s a hard one to scratch discretely)
-twitches – an eyelid, or some small muscle in my chest
-occasional speech issues, like my jaw muscles spasm
-name location problems – a name I know I know just will not surface

These are little things, and even added all together they are not worth losing sleep over ( that’s another issue all together!) but they are annoying. As I told my wife recently, I don’t think about MS most of the time, but I am constantly reminded of it all thru the day. I would dearly love to forget all about it for a while…


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “thru the looking glass”

  1. That last one … ‘Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon’ … I get that all the time … drives me nuts. Like forgetting the name of the co-worker I’ve known for 7 years and am currently talking to!?

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