I don’t get political here, at least I have not until now. But I am just so appalled at what the President has done – how much he and his cohorts have done, how much we have let them get away with. The most recent insult is not only that he authorized secret intelligence gathering on American citizens (which many would say is plainly against the law), but that he admits it. Where is the outrage? Where is the federal investigation? Bill Clinton, no saint himself by any means, was dragged through the mud while the government spent countless hours and countless dollars trying as hard as they could to find a means to destroy his presidency, all based on a single sexual encounter that took place in the Oval Office. President Bush admits to leading the nation into war based on faulty intelligence, he admits to spying illegally on Americans, and We The People shrug and go about our business.

Where is the outrage? We The People raised a very loud noise when it was revealed that Bill Clinton engaged in an act of oral sex, we even forced him to discuss it in detail in public. But so far there has been no similar noise raised when thousands of American soldiers, and ten times as many Iraqi civillians, have died in a war that was entered into based on wrong guesses, mistakes, and lies. When will we insist that George Bush explain his actions in the same manner that we forced Clinton to detail his?

I will climb off my high horse now, but I am horrified and appalled at us as a citizenry turning away from an obviously corrupt government, even when they tell us all about it. I guess, in the end, we get what we deserve. Lesson learned? I hope so.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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