"We have met the enemy, and it is us."

Image hosting by Photobucket As if there wasn’t enough to be worried about already, there’s indoor pollution. And what’s worse, we’ve done it to ourselves. Imagine: health risks from perfume. See what you are currently setting loose upon your own home!
Seriously, though, those of us living with compromised immune systems, (and according to all this information, that includes most of us) it is frightening what all these common household products can do to us. At least there are alternatives – cheaper and safer, and probably more effective. Don’t despair!


One thought on “"We have met the enemy, and it is us."

  1. hello.
    i really have enjoyed ur site
    since i stumbled here this afternoon.
    u are very brave to post ur journey and struggles with MS publicly.

    oh yeah, and
    i hear u on the fragrance issue
    im autistic and very sensitive to smells
    in the past certain strong odours or scents
    gave me seizures
    now i just get migraines
    a trade up
    but not by much.
    i hope u dont mind me popping in all unannounced and such.

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