Wood Anemone

wood anemone

No, it’s not my birthday (thanks for the thought, Mouse!), but I am thinking a little bit about spring. I used to love winter, but now that it is so hard for me to get around in the snow and ice, and now that I don’t ski any more, winter is just cold and frozen. Beautiful in it’s way, but not the playland it used to be.

My neuro and I came to the conclusion that while it’s not quite Secondary or Primary Progressive, my MS has sort of moved into a “worsening” phase. I have not had an exaserbation or attack in two years, and it just sort of seems to all be going very slowly down hill. He asked me to think about a regular course of steroids or Novantrone- neither of which I like the sound of. Novantrone sounds worse, and neither can be taken indefinitely.

So I sit and try not to feel sorry for myself (a little pity party every now and then is OK, right?), and contemplate my future. And dream of spring…


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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