Cold Case

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Did anyone see last Sunday’s episode of Cold Case? A really creepy guy comes in and says he not only was responsible for a gruesome murder many years ago, but also confesses to burying a young man alive, who might not be dead yet. The detectives have to figure out where the kid is buried. During their investigation, they talk to his ex-wife who lets slip, in a very ominous tone, that the creepy guy has MS, and says that “when the shakes start,” he will know he doesn’t have much time left.

While it is always interesting to see MS included in TV shows, as it was in The West Wing, this is one of the worst portrayals I’ve seen. This guy was supposed to be “dying” from MS, with “the shakes” as the sign that the end is near. We all know that’s not how MS works, but it is too bad that the TV audience now has a very misguided appreciation for what living with the disease is like. I am usually impressed with how well these crime shows are researched, and I have heard that they are very true to life. So it surprises me that they would misuse MS in this way.

Anyway, it’s just a TV show, and I shouldn’t let it bother me so much. I just hope that people are not harboring false impressions of MS.


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