Many Faces

I thought this Faces of MS project was really cool. I am tempted to invest the time to participate, tho on what level I don’t know. Very cool.

And, as Rachel Maddow asked this morning on Air America, what do we expect Donald Rumsfeld to do when he is caught, on tape, in a lie. He said at a press conference yesterday that he has never predicted when the Iraq war would end,m presumably in response to the revelation (big surprise) that we’d have troops there at least into 2008. Rachel proceeded to play several clips of Rumsfeld saying that the war would last “certainly no more than 5 months,” “certinly no more than 6 months,” etc. These latter quotes were, of course, from two years ago or more. So there he is, all on tape, lying. Or maybe because he’s so old and foggy he forgot that he has on several public occasions predicted (and very poorly) when the war would be over.

And what do we expect of him, when he is caught in a lie?


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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