empty bed

there is a bit of persecution complex (i think that’s what it’s called) wherein i want people to know how hard all of this is for me – the fat-free diet, the insomnia, the muscle aches, the cognitive problems, the fatigue – even though i know no one can. as someone said to me recently, at the end of the day, i’m the only one who goes home with all the baggage. “nobody knows the troubles i’ve seen…”

and that same person reminded me that all pathways to healing are valuable. the goal is healing, the route is unimportant. i am sliding more and more toward “natural” healing – diet and excersize, meditation, etc. – but i have intimate experience with the power and value of “conventional” medicine, and plenty of respect for that route.



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  1. Though another’s eyes and journeys in another’s shoes … everyone has a hidden struggle, we just don’t know it.

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