rumi the bear

rumi the bear
this is one of my little hobbies. at least it keeps me off the streets. you may have to visit marked trail to be able to read it.

this is kind of interesting, watching the economics of ms. brought to you by a great ms research organization, the accelerated cure project. they do a thing where they’ll send you a free t-shirt if you agree to send in a picture of yourself wearing it. they have a gallery (i’m in it somewhere!) of people all over the world, doing all kinds of things, wearing the shirt.

a good weekend to be elsewhere – we’ve got george bush in maine for a family function. the newspaper said that he had met with the families of maine servicemen who were kiled in iraq. i wonder how cindy sheehan feels, knowing that he made such a huge deal about refusing to meet with her to answer one simple question. you can bet the families who were allowed to meet with bush were carefully screened and instructed what not to talk about. they’d never let me anywhere near him.

just rediscovered – and truly digging –, and the music genome project. if you listen to music online, or love to hear new music that you’d probably never find otherwise, take a listen. very cool.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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