sudden fatigue

wheee, dealing with what is either my first real bout of ms fatigue, or maybe just allergies. i left work early on tuesday, came home and slept for two hours, then felt three feet thick all day wednesday and yesterday, and i never made it in today, dropped robin off at school, came home and slept for a few hours, ate an egg sandwich, then slept another hour. now im trying to see if being up and around i can shake the dizziness out of my head enough to go in to the office for a meeting i really should be at. then of course comes concerns about this weekend,but all i have to do there is rest.

and i always wonder when things like this happen is, if this is not just pine pollen allergies, and if it is some sort of ms thing, is it passing thru, as things sometimes do, or is it a permanant new feature of the landscape? I often realize that this is as good as i’m ever going to feel – maybe that’s a negative viewpoint, but ms doesn’t usually get better. anyway, i’m hoping my head clears enough to get to this meeting, and the weekend activities.

just weird to be so suddenly laid low by such overpowering fatigue….


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