a meatspace ex-pat


i realized today at a marketing seminar that i am unsuited for my job. in the past year, the job has changed, and i’ve changed, but not in the same direction. i realize that my job is all about roi, and numbers and meeting projections and convincing people to buy unimportant stuff. after three years of working in cyberspace, i discover i am a meatspace ex-pat. i don’t think i’d mind selling expensive sheets so much if i was actually selling them to people instead of casting them out into the void.

i send out email messages that reach 65,000 people, and what am i telling them? free monogramming with every purchase! what a waste of energy, mine especially.

and it seems lately i have less of it to spare….


2 thoughts on “a meatspace ex-pat

  1. Wow, do you work with me?

    My job has been such an utter waste of my time for the past ten months that I’m seriously thinking about jumping ship and trying project management somewhere else.

    I have never felt like such a waste of time and money.

    There are worse things than selling monogrammed sheets.

    Try being a project manager on a dead project with no staff left and a definite expiry date.

    My software is being replaced within a cuoplke of weeks and the off-shore out-sourcing company is being sent packing.

    It would be depressing if I had not gotten a business degree and gotten into blogging and podcasting about MS and playing some nice tunes.

    There may be a career there (if I manage to talk some advertisers into the concept.)

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