tho i am slowly getting myself off my butt and doing some work with my camera, i am indulging in some older images here until i come up with something new to share.

started training for my new role as a customer service rep, taking orders over the phone. the people i used to sell to thru the web site, i now will actually speak to. still not fully immersed in the meatspace, but one step closer. i am hoping that this new position will require fewer spoons, leaving me more to spend on things i love. (have i already said that?)

i heard an interview with barry lando (no relation to lando calrizzian) on the leonard lopate show, whose discussion of the west’s long-standing complicity in the middle east’s affairs blew me away. the plot continues to thicken, and i wonder how it will all play out.

i’m off this weekend to help create the first light men’s gathering #5. although the very thought of it exhausts me even now, i will be, as i usually am, in charge of the food, feeding 25-30 men from friday night thru sunday brunch. a full, rich and very rewarding weekend.

then i come home, shove my head in the mri machine, and see what’s going on in my own personal meatspace. hi ho!

now playing: trinka, by greg howe (discovered via pandora.)


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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