sorry, no picture today. i am home from work, after a terrible night of sleep, or “sleep,” i should say. the parts that i was asleep for were fine, but there weren’t many of them. i am dealing with an addiction to, or overreliance on, ambien, and it is brutal. it’s been about three weeks without taking it, and my sleep patterns are all shot to hell.

days like this (and yesterday wasn’t much better) get me to thinking about maybe i should not be working. it seems i get so exhausted so easily. part of it is i just don’t want to HAVE to go to work, but there is the other part of it that i am so tired all the time. how does one sort that out?



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Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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  1. part of it is i just don’t want to HAVE to go to work“.

    Who does?

    But this guy Maslow keeps insisting on this pyramid, see:

    # 1 Deficiency needs

    * 1.1 Physiological needs
    * 1.2 Safety needs
    * 1.3 Love/Belonging needs
    * 1.4 Esteem needs
    * 1.5 Cognitive needs
    * 1.6 Aesthetic needs

    # 2 Growth needs

    * 2.1 Self-actualization
    * 2.2 Self-transcendence

    And, until we take care of all the ones point x we can’t even get to the two point x.

    And that takes money, the great equalizer.

    If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t work either. 🙂

  2. Amen to letting the morning slide away into the noon sunlight. Of course, my Twin Tyrants would not let me sleep much past 7am.

  3. Oh, oh! Could it be the dreaded sleep apnea? Have you been checked? I have. I don’t have the apnea thing but my oxygen count drops to a dangerous level, or so they say. There is some internal biomechanism that will wake me up, usually with a headache! I have learned that doing my Tai Chi routines before I climb into bed produces a good clean sweep of a sleep!

    Hope you are soon to be free of the Ambien addiction and free for a good night’s sleep as well.

  4. I too have experienced the “pleasure” of weaning off AmbienCR. Can’t say I’m truly weaned. Where’s my REM sleep when I need it? Lost it somewhere in the “steel sieve” (love that phrase) that’s called a brain.

    I WANT to go to work. But I’m too tired. Pffft.

    Glad I found your blog!

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