no spots is good spots

ceiling fan
just back from the neuro, with my latest mri report – no new spots. tho he said that with the advances in technology, even since the 2005 scan, it’s hard to tell if the “possible” spots he saw were new or just not visible last time. in any case, nothing to be alarmed about.

new job training going slowly – my short term memory is lousy, whether from ms or lack of sleep or age or who knows what, it is proving challenging to absorb all the computer-navigation data and product data, etc. into my steel-sieve mind.

in case you were wondering, there is more to toast than meets the eye.

my struggle with insomnia continues, tho it’s not as bad as this. yet.

sorry, nothing very interesting to report. gotta go watch 24.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “no spots is good spots”

  1. For a second … I read that as ‘Hot Spots’ and immediately thought of Wi-Fi … jeeze, talk about a single track mind.

    I’m sure you’ll do ok with the training … just scribble down copious notes. Transcribe/edit them later.

  2. Well, at least no new spots probably means no new holes in the sieve, but you must learn to sleep soundly again. That familial thing is not likely to be in your genome. Now to toast, that reminded me of something out of the Vermont Country Store catalog! It is always filled with stuff that I want to buy, but so far I have only given in to the Habitant Pea Soup, which I love and does not get distributed in the USA otherwise.

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