if you were in my family, you’d run too.

head, kelvingrove museum, glasgow
(kelvingrove museum, glasgow)

it looks like my little sister has been dianosed with ms. she had some unexplained dizziness and near fainting about five years ago (which set off the ms alarm in my brain) and now is experiencing some numbness. she’s been to a neuro, had a lot of tests, and will do a lumbar puncture next week.

(which is the worse term – lumbar puncture or spinal tap? i’d go with the tap, sounds less violent)

needless to say, she’s upset, but having me as such a great example of living life with ms, she’s doing ok. (did anyone note the touch of sarcasm there?) we shall see. she lives in florida, so i worry about the heat, and she’s a teacher, so i worry about the stress. sigh.

todays odd site: lileks.com this is some of the funniest stuff i’ve ever seen. so very well worth the time to wander all the real estate it covers. i come back to it again and again and always find something new to laugh at. the world needs more people like this.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

5 thoughts on “if you were in my family, you’d run too.”

  1. I prefer “spinal tap”. When I had mine I was told it was going to be painful by someone else who had had it done. I am happy to report that I felt absolutely no hurt, just a tingling down one leg right down to my toes when the technician hit a nerve, but it was not painful.

  2. Hi Stephen – I didn’t know how to email this to you, so I thought I would leave it in a comment. MS Awareness Week begins March 5, and with it the beginning of a whole new movement by and for people with MS.

    I am asking that you show your support for the MS movement by adding an html button to your blog and passing it on to others you think should also join the movement.

    You can choose your button by visiting http://www.nationalmssociety.org/buttons. All necessary code is provided there.

    People with MS understand something that others don’t – that moving isn’t always a guarantee. Help us to give that guarantee back and move us towards a world free of MS.

  3. Sounds like my family. MS 3 ring circus. Oh, and I’m totally in love with mr. lileks as well. Minnesota brethren!

  4. Autoimmune diseases run in my family as well but not MS specifically. RA, Diabetes (men only) Sjogren’s, and who knows what else. Makes me tired to think about it.

    I too prefer “tap”. Mine didn’t hurt at all. I’d rather have another “tap” than give myself a BetaShot. I must be insane.

    Anyone know if spinal “taps” (it’s just a “tap”!) are more accurate than MRI’s?

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