your tax $$ at work

glasgow airport

i saw a mention in slate this morning that there has been a decline in medicaid enrollments in several states, being credited to a requirement that all applications had to have stricter i.d., in order to keep illegal immigrants from receiving benefits. whatever you might think of that, what seems to be happening is that a lot of poor folks, who don’t have access to drivers licences, or passports, or other official i.d., are not able to apply either. to my mind, it is another case of the fed. government putting the cart before the horse – putting a program change in place without getting organized first.

off my high horse, i have not heard from my sister (who is waiting for the final word on her ms dx), but my poor dad (who has two diabetic grandchildren, another, my daughter, with a heart transplant, two daughters of his own and a step-daughter who are gay, a son with ms and now a daughter with ms) is not doing well with this development. and him, in his 70s, in perfect health.

took my kids to see 300 this weekend, which they loved and i thought was dreadful. there was line which summed it up perfectly for me. a bad guy was abusing the queen, and said to her, “this will not be over quickly, and you will not enjoy it.” i thought he was talking to me.

my favorite online comic, cat and girl.


2 thoughts on “your tax $$ at work

  1. Wait- do we share the same family? Your poor dad..I feel his pain. My family is ill too and my mom and I talk about the days when no one was ill.

    What happened? Was it the x-ray machine that measured our shoe sizes when we were kids????

  2. I remember those x-ray machines, then there was the movie “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes”! Both my parents had, and siblings have coronary bypasses. I don’t have plaques in my arteries, just in my brain. Several of my cousins are gay, so maybe there’s a connection. Perhaps, if I was gay or had heart disease I wouldn’t have MS:) May you and your family be as strong as your Dad!

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