scary stuff, or am i just an alarmist?

in connection to my last post, there is this tid bit from our friends in distant lands (thanks to no impact man for the link) scary, or just liberal alarmist fluff?

as i’ve mentioned before, my little sister has just been diagnosed with ms (still waiting for her spinal tap – the waiting is worse than the tap, i think) but i want to send her some links to a few web resources. i have a few in mind (see the list of resources on the right of this page) but i was wondering what you, dear reader, might recommend to someone newly diagnosed. there is so much out there, some of it a little scary for the newly diagnosed. i’d be interested to hear what you might offer.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “scary stuff, or am i just an alarmist?”

  1. Well, I offer my podcast as proof that people get to live and try new things, even cutting edge things, if they try and keep on trying.

    MS wasn’t the end of my life and its not the end of hers either.

    We’ve just been hit by a bus with the license plate [ MS ] but it was hopefully a glancing blow.

  2. You know, the biggest thing that helped me was to read how normal everyday people were actually living with the disease. I didn’t want to keep reading all the cold, medically induced verbage about the disease. It didn’t give me any real life perspective.
    My husband found Erik’s blog and when I was ready to start reading I went back in the archives of his postings and started reading. Very helpful to see someone my age, living life and doing the same things that I hope to do in my life, MS or not.

  3. I found my link to the world of MSer’s through Erik’s blog as well. There is something that I heard Montel Williams say that has become my motto:- “I may have MS, but MS does not have me!”

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