as a former home-dad (i was the primary caregiver, home-parent for 13 years) who got politically involved in my parenting, i read with interest the article in slate this morning, does day care ruin your kids? , only to find this statement: “Non-parental child care includes nannies, day care, and “anyone other than the child’s mother who was regularly scheduled for at least 10 hours per week.” (italics mine) i’m sure i’m more sensitive than most about this sort of thing, but it still irks me to see “parenting” defined as “mother.” so fathers provide “non-parental care?” it just proves that while attitudes have changed somewhat, there are still ingrained stereotypes that persist.

my little sister had her s-tap, and survived it. i have not heard what the results were, but i did forward her a whole bunch of links – hopefuly i did not overwhelm her. (hey, sis, are you reading this blog yet? let me know.)

spring seems to have returned to maine, after a little snow on saturday night. a last little bit of winter. a lot of folks around here consider it bad form to put the snow shovel away before the end of april, so i hope i have not jinxed it.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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  1. I heard about that study … makes kids more aggressive. You know, it may be true but it’s up to the parents to channel that behavior (Martial Arts, Swimming) if they choose that route. And you know what, I’m the primary caregiver too and very mothering to boot! I’m thinking the word probably could be re-defined these days.

  2. I’m confused why mothers & fathers would give different parental care – they can’t say it has anything to do with sex b/c then the childcare provider would be just as good as a mother or father – these things make me so mad!!!

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