monday morning

i wake up, again, and go thru the morning routine, and get to work, and wonder how it would feel to go thru all of that not feeling like crap. my legs don’t work, my brain feels like it is wrapped in cotton, i’m tired, and i just don’t feel good. it has been so long since i woke up in the morning feeling good. maybe it’s just monday.

i’ve been watching six feet under, but everyone on the show is angry, dishonest and generally unpleasant, and i think i’ve had it with these people. an interesting show, but no one is evolving or learning anything – they just get angrier and more distant from each other, and who wants to hang out with people like that?

so here we go, another day on the phones….


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “monday morning”

  1. When I was young and indestructible, I would wake up with cotton in my head and wobbly legs after an all night bender. Now, it descends without effort.


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