what a difference a few peepers make

pink flowers
i heard the spring peepers for the first time last night as i was leaving work. what a tonic for the soul – memories of childhood, harbingers of spring (my favorite season) rebirth, new life, all of that stuff. needless to say, i am feeling better than i was yesterday. my physical limitations still irritate me (i’m finding that my mouse hand gets numb and the mouse-hand-elbow starts to ache toward the end of my day, but that’s probably not ms related), but in spring all things are new again, and all possiblities are renewed. (but i’ll probably be depressed again tomorrow!)

i’m going to a seminar tomorrow about ms and cognition, put on by the local ms society chapter. i don’t usually go to these things, but this one got my attention, as cognitive issues are starting to encroach. i’ll have a muffin, collect some biogen swag, and listen to the neuro – and report here what i discover.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “what a difference a few peepers make”

  1. I feel the joy of spring too! Cognitive issues for me, well I take a stance that it’s my age. As a mature person who has MS I can always convince myself this is so, even when I really know it’s not. I am so easily suaded. Having gone to night school and actually done okay, as in top of the class, the ability to focus is somewhat related to the desire to focus. I know there are many times that I can drift off. Once I am tuned out, it is so hard to get tuned back in again!

    I look forward to your information on the seminar and I hop you will find it enjoyable.

  2. hehehehe

    I have always used the fact that I was born blonde as a cover for my cognitive issues.

    Funny how we all bury our heads in the sand.

    Hard to tell the difference really.

    I told no one that I scored 60 out of 100 on the cognitive test last year right before I “quit” working.

    That is a dementia score.

    I stroked it up to stress.


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