monday monday

air bike
argh! leg cramps! bordering on seizures! i remember hearing about how sometimes people can have seizures so intense that bones get broken and joints get dislocated. i had some leg cramps the other night that really had me worried about that. very painful. i think i pulled a muscle in my thigh, it was sore all weekend.

i was taking a combination of neurontin and baclofen to deal with the cramps, but i stopped the neurontin as it messes up my little brain. but in response to the recent increase in cramps i went back to it last night – and i’m dealing with the neurontin hangover this morning, feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton batting, and i’d love to put my head down and close my eyes (more than usual). it is weird stuff.

a good weekend for the red sox (beat the yankees 3 out of 4 games), and for the patriots (got randy moss – we shall see how he turns out). bought some seedlings for the garden, and got my home computer back on line with a great invention – a usb wireless card, so much easier than opening up the cpu and installing a card, just plug and play.

another monday at work.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “monday monday”

  1. I thought that back of the head stuffed with cotton batten feeling was a symtom of MS. I’ve never tried that drug. I don’t think I will either! Sorry you’ve got leg cramps. How about some physical therapy. You know, a trip to the ‘torture chamber’ should take your mind off things:)

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