putting the multiple sclerosis in perspective

i would not be able to read this blog every day, but iraq today is a huge eye-opener and brings a big slap of perspective to my little world of multiple sclerosis. i remember when my daughter was waiting for her heart transplant several years ago, when i would talk to people about my troubles, they would often say that my stories made theirs seem so insignificant. i told them that my troubles were mine, and did not diminish the gravity of theirs. but reading about what happens every day in iraq brings my petty complaining to a halt, and helps me appreciate how safe and full and healthy my life is. i recommend taking a look, but beware, it is tough reading.

it is a beautiful day here in portland, and i am looking forward to getting home and hugging my wife and children this afternoon. after i check in with my neurologist about the steroid fiasco.


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