tysabri, klonapin, novantrone

started using klonapin last night for the leg cramps, and it seemed to work. no cramps, but it didn’t knock me out like it threatened to do in the literature (which i guess is good), and i did wake up very early this morning (which is not good, but possibly unrelated). so that was overall good.

and i am resigned to starting novantrone, even after reading all the dire side effects listed on web md. it seems the choices are novantrone or nothing. i’m working on the swank diet, but i don’t want to wait to see if it will work. it is getting hard to walk down the hall, and driving is starting to get a little iffy. so i guess we’ll do novantrone for a year or so, see what happens.

then, once it has been proven for another year, i might start with tysabri. don’t you love how we are given meds to “try,” to see if they help? don’t you wish there were at least a few absolutes with this ms stuff?

and just for fun, try turning your stairs into storage space. looks like a big project, but a very clever idea. and save those last few chips!


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

4 thoughts on “tysabri, klonapin, novantrone”

  1. wow…so many drugs. this all seems so daunting. can i go into denial now and give back this MS? hey there…i am new to this. i just got diagnosed and i was looking on the net for other bloggers who write about MS and that is how i found you. i have added you to my links and i hope to visit you often.

  2. I am on a rather large dose 4 times a day only some help with my MS also on dantrium for same. the two drugs help my cramps with some help from 10mg valume that works fast but dose not help for long periods of discomfort, an excelent muscle relaxer. none of reg MS meds helped even in extreamly large doses

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