welcome to the club, merelyme. in a way, it is heartening that this little community of ms bloggers is growing, and providing support to more people. i wish there was no need for it, but there is, and i’m glad we can be available for each other.

well, ok, i’m scheduled for the first round of pre-novantrone testing, an ekg (or maybe it’s an echo, i don’t remember.) it’s a little disconcerting that i need cardiac testing and monitoring before and during this treatment, but i guess i am lucky to have this technology available to me. i just want to get it on. i have high hopes that i won’t need the heely shoes after all, or the left-foot accelerator that i can’t seem to find anyone to install for me. the sooner the better.

it used to be that whenever i passed a hay truck on the road, i’d wish for a lot of money, or perfect health for my children, depending on how i felt that day. now i wish for ms to disappear. this last month – with the bad leg getting worse, the steroids not working, and the prospect of the chemo (which is only a temporary stop-gap), the whole thing has become another level realer. i struggle to keep my spirits up, and not to wallow in the misery of my $%^*& body.

i bought my kids an old 1991 subaru last week, so they can get themselves to work. it chugs and rattles, but it seems to get there and back. needs a tune up and such, but so far so good.

and who would have thought that you could learn to dance online?


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “ms-ekg”

  1. Heh … I try to remember that as bad as things may seem, I’m in a place where I can get the care I need and not some 3rd world nation where I would certainly be dead by now.

  2. I really really really really hope the Novantrone buts the halts on your MS…I’ll be rooting for you! (Oh, and it’s an echocardiogram…they say those of us with MS are heartless, but this test should prove “them” wrong!)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Whenever the subject of wishes or prayers comes up, my lovely husband always says: there’s only one thing I will ever wish for – and it breaks my heart it will never happen.

    He is, of course, referring to my having MS. The look in his eyes when he says this tells me, again, how much he loves me. Not because I have MS, but despite it.

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