just checking in

so i’m sending back the heely’s, sadly. and looking into adapting my car with hand controls. the word is that insurance companies don’t like left-foot accelerators, as they make cars more accident prone. i think i read that they are only dangerous for the non-disabled driver, meaning the driver for whom the adaptation is installed is fine, but another driver in the same car can get into trouble. anyway, i am having trouble finding such a thing, even tho it would solve the problem perfectly. it seems hand controls are easier to find and self-install. i found a portable model that i could move from car to car. i’m investigating the licensing and insurance angles.

the “new” subaru we bought for the kids – a 1990 legacy (same color, but no snazzy stripe)
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is in the shop, stalling and chugging. we’re hoping it’s only because there was some schmutz in the gas can we filled it from (driving it home from the guy we bought it from it ran out of gas and i used a can i had in the garage that had been sitting there for a long while, and probably had some sediment or water in it.) anyway, we hope to have it back on friday. what a pain.

gearing up for father’s day. what do i want? obviously one thing i can’t have (see if you can guess what) and a lot of little items (see my amazon wish list), but what i really enjoy is just doing things with the whole family. my son now has sundays off from his many jobs, so maybe it will happen this year.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

5 thoughts on “just checking in”

  1. I will have to ask my dh about adaptions for cars. He has a friend who is in a wheelchair, and he drives all around. He’s got quite a few neat gadgets to help him get around.

    I know, the strict diet stuff is not going to be easy. If I feel the difference though, i hope that will help. LOL I am having a tough time with just the coffee…. (rolling eyes) =)


  2. I have a left foot accelerator.

    There are large stickers on the door saying this.

    A non-disabled driver shouldn’t find any problems at all as long as he heads the warning.

    Damn those insurance companies šŸ™‚

  3. philip- thanks so much for your comment, and i love the name of your blog – talk about making lemonade! i’m still investigating….

  4. Well, shucks…and that rhymes with “sucks”. I hope you DO get the driving situation resolved to your satisfaction…having that independence is soooo important and a boost to the mind.

    I’m still hoping you get some relief with the Novantrone, but I know how scary it is to not know…hence the shucks/sucks beginning. LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. I’m learning a lot. I didn’t realize insurance was such a pain about adaptions but I should have known.

    Hope you get things resolved quickly.

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