out and about

i spent most of the day yesterday with my son in portsmouth, both of us with cameras, sneaking pictures of people on the street, talking photography, and enjoying the day. i was pleased at how mobile i was, no wheelchair but managed to walk around quite a bit, resting here and there. i have no idea if any of the pictures i took will be worth even looking at, but the day was fun, and i was glad to be out with my camera.

i’ve spend the morning today looking online for ways to “pimp” my wheelchair, and looking at fancy chairs, and off-road chairs, in general. found quite a few. the trekinetic is almost scary looking, the hippocampe looks like great fun, and these colours are just plain hip, even the web site uses the sexy-babe-as-marketing-tool, which is very unusual for disability products. maybe that’s why i want one. i didn’t see very many accessories beyond carry-bags and cup holders, a market that needs exploiting. i’m planing to develop a camera mount for my chair when i get it – maybe i can market it and make my fortune. you heard it here first.


4 thoughts on “out and about

  1. Hehe…I wrote a post once called, “Pimp My Ride”! I am obviously NOT in a chair or scooter yet (knocking loudly on wood), but like you, would have to “class” it up if I were.

    Good luck on your endeavors…

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. oh you sound so upbeat and good! i am glad! and i am also happy you are out and about taking photos. yay!

  3. When I was in college I was roaming around Montreal taking pictures with my BIL’s super 8 for one of my art courses. I was out on a practise run without film in the camera when I found out it can be very dangerous taking people’s pictures without their consent. Some man came running up to me hollering about the camera and demanding that I remove the film and give it to him. He was even madder when I showed him that there was no film in it. I was much more discreet with it after that and decided that my art movie would be about buildings. Well actually, about the reflections in the windows. It turned out quite good. I still have the movie but no way to play it:(

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