new venture

so i was all het up to start this photo/fiction book project thing, and came home to discover that – in some sort of fit of madness – i seem to have trashed a whole lot of writing that i was going to mine for good stuff. can’t find it anywhere. it made my feel ill to think that so much writing had been lost. not that all of it was good, but it was stuff that i at least wanted to be able to go back to and work on. i wondered if it was a sign from the void that this was not what i was supposed to be doing.

many years ago, i was staying with a friend, and had gone to my old apartment to gather some belongings to transport, one of which was an old suitcase full of letters, poems, stories and journals. when i got to the friends apartment, he was not there, so i left the suitcase in the lobby, and went off to work. when i came back, the suitcase was gone. i was crushed. but, the next day, it reappeared, intact, with all the papers still in it. whoever took it must have opened it up and realized it was worth far more to me than it was to the thief. i took it as a sign not to get too attached to the archive, and when it was returned to me, took that as a sign that i had learned my lesson. the i ching (which is used to throw every day) told me something like, “he shall leave his carriage and travel on foot.” a lesson in humility?

so it was with this more recent computer archive. art is transient, i told myself. later in the day, i did find a binder with hard copies of some of that lost writing, so i can at least recreate part of the digital version.

anyway, i have launched what i hope will be a long-term project, “two buddhas in conversation,” posting some of these very short fictions, and maybe a few poems, along with photographs. my eventual goal is to create a small booklet for use in the art-o-mat project in the last post. the time-table has changed, but i’ll keep on it.

some of my wrting can be a little strange, and there is not much there yet, but if you take a look, i’d be interested to know what you think.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “new venture”

  1. oh yes i would love to look at your creations! you are reminding me to save my writings and photos and my son’s art. i used to never save anything…it was all about the process for me. but now i find i want to hold onto things.

  2. Some of your writing can be strange?!? Do tell…LOL

    I think in the world of the “blog”, all writing could be classified as strange. Glad to see you feeling inspired to “create”…

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. I had a bunch of short stories and bits of sketching that I once cobbled away for whatever reason. When I finally dug it up, I found that much of it was missing or destroyed via environmental intrusion. Disappointed was not a strong enough word to describe my state.

    I think whatever you have to offer would be wonderful.

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