firestorm coming

it is expected that my office will be getting mad busy next week. i do all my blogging during the day, in between phone calls, so i will probably be incommunicado next week. i ‘ve made my rounds this morning, checking in and leaving comments, and maybe it won’t be as busy as they predict (new fall catalog getting in-home next week). i am not looking forward to it, as it is mentally exhausting, and by 2pm i am frazzled and fried

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and really struggling to keep the proper phone attitude. if i could have an hour nap at 1 or 2, i think i’d be fine, but i have not felt right about approaching my boss to ask for that accommodation. i could tell them it is my mexican heritage that needs it’s siesta. if i had any mexican heritage.

anywho, between the heat/humidity, the mildew that still lives in my brain, and the ongoing three-driver-two-car juggling act, and dealing with the mechanic who seems a little developmentally challeneged, i’m ready for a vacation. i start tysabri on august 10 – with high hopes that i will be one of the lucky ones who finds some releif of symptoms.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “firestorm coming”

  1. “really struggling to keep the proper phone attitude”

    Hello, International House of Haggis, may I take your order?

  2. wow tysabri!
    i am curious of that one. however i will be attending a seminar on the subject next month. all i do is the ivig…
    take care and i wish you the best results

  3. i am a believer in naps. i do hope your energy keeps up with all you have to do. keep writing when you can.

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