not so bad

well, so, it’s been very busy here, as expected. it’s like having a client who calls all day long, each time a different person, essentially asking the same question. they take turns calling, as soon as one hangs up, another calls. this goes on for all 8 hours i’m at my desk. people calling asking what the difference is between sateen and percale, which of our twelve pillows is the right one for them, please check on the order i placed last night, how do i return these towels – subtle differences to the same questions. any of you who have been a phone operator or csr will understand. it’s not hard, pretty much anyone can do it with some training, but it is exhausting. maybe it’s the ms or my own cognitive failings, but by 2 in the afternoon, i’m feeling, as they used to say in the old pogo strip, pretty frazzy.

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it is more difficult as the day goes on to manage to enter credit card numbers correctly and to keep my cheery, helpful disposition with each call. snarling at the customers is frowned on around here. go figure.

anyway, the good part is that at the end of the day (my day runs from 7 to 3:30), i can get up and walk away. i don’t bring the job home with me, i don’t lie awake at night thinking about projects left unfinished or deadlines looming. that is a really nice change from my last position as webmaster. less pay, and less prestige (for what that was worth!) but far less stress.

which leaves me more mental and emotional energy to get back to my writing and to think more about photography, two things that feed my soul. i have started to hook up with a group of artists with ms in maine, thru a state arts organization, and i’m hoping to be a part of, or help organize, a show with them at some point – or at least meet with them and put together some sort of on-going group. ideas for photographic projects float around in my head, even musical ideas to play with my garageband keyboard – all sorts of things that my former stressful job didn’t leave room for.

it is a slow process, regaining those parts of me, and i struggle with patience and fighting thru the depression that washes over me when i am banging up against one wall or another, but doing the work feels good.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

2 thoughts on “not so bad”

  1. You seem to be “coming along” quite nicely in your quest to return to what feeds your soul…good for you!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. you sound so good! i can’t wait to read more of your writings and see more photos! i am trying to put more focus on good things as well.

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