a bed day?

i hear about people who say they have days when they just can’t get out of bed, and dr. swank talks about bed rest being an important part of managing ms. i have not yet had a day when i just couldn’t get out of bed, but there have been days when i’ve gotten half way to work, and turned around to go back to bed. i am a strong beleiver in listening to what my body tells me, but with this dang disease, sometimes it is hard to tell what i’m being told. yesterday and today i’ve been so tired – physically and mentally – all day, today so far even more so, that i wonder if i shouldn’t have stayed in bed.
i manage to get thru my work day – i can do this job half asleep – but i wonder if my overall health would benefit from spending a day in bed, or at least resting at home (much as i dislike resting), or maybe just the morning. i don’t know. i guess i’ll know i’ve pushed too hard when i drop.

rain today, hi ho.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “a bed day?”

  1. “i hear about people who say they have days when they just can’t get out of bed,”

    Hey, yeah. That was me this past Monday. First time in YEARS … it was required.

  2. WOW! I think this is a “sign”…I HAD to stay “in bed” (translate to at home) today because I was also horribly fatigued and my left leg was numb, of all strange things. You suppose it’s something in the MS air?!?

    Rest up, my friend…

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Every M.S. sufferer is different, for me I find that the results of a bad night or two are a couple of days down the line and rarely immediate. Why the delayed reaction, I’ve no idea….. hang in there.

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