tysabri today. so i’m hyper-hydrating, getting my veins all puffy for their meeting with the iv needle. that’s the only part that bothers me. the rest is all sitting in a recliner, watching tv, not being at work. hi ho!

my son, as part of his internship at portland monthly, has been assigned to interview Joseph McNulty, who is working with mick fleetwood in a case involving the bbc and a bunch of music rights that are in dispute. mcnulty and fleetwood are in portland, in court, and yesterday ben got to meet both of them, and chat a bit with mick. how cool is that for a 19-year old (who also happens to be a drummer). a little trivia, mick is the only surviving drummer of the band spinal tap. anyway, ben is going back to court today, and i told him to invite mick and joe over for a few beers. we shall see.

more later….


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “tysabri”

  1. Hope you do well with your Tysabri infusions. Can you post more about how and why you came to the decision to use it as your MS therapy? My neuro has strongly suggested it for me..but all I have heard are negatives.

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