tysabri day two. the infusion went fine, except for my “distaste” for having iv needles inserted into my hand. the whole process took three hours – they sat me down, ran thru the checklist, and got the needle in. they don’t mix up the medicine until the patient is strapped in, the stuff is so expensive that if the patient should not show up or bolt, they’d have to pour it down the drain. so then it took an hour to drip in, and they have you sit another hour for “observation,” tho observe for what i don’t know. i took the rest of the day off, so there.

my dear pal jocelyn wrote,”we were talking about how it was such a huge decision for me to decide to have the series of epidural injections for my spine….and i see the decision for tysabri in a similar light. it’s not just the actual procedure, which in and of itself is enough to make a person’s head spin (well, mine anyway), but the what ifs…what if it doesn’t work? what if it DOES!?” (i hope she does not disown me for sharing this, just one of her invaluable insights that help me on my journey)

i just posted a little piece about telling people at work about the fact that i was not drunk, on two buddhas.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “t+1”

  1. well…i am really hoping that it does work. just visited another blog…i think the woman’s name is lauren…she is on my link list…she is taking tysabri and she feels it is really working for her.

    i visited your writing site and tried to make a comment but there wasn’t a place to do so. i really liked your most recent piece about explaining…it really hit home.

  2. Let’s hope Tysabri is your MATCH! It’s good to have “hope”…most likely strengthens the spirit anyway…

    Linda D. in Seattle

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