why ty?

i’ve been asked how i came to settle on tysabri as a treatment for my ms. in the end, if i wanted to keep treating my ms with medication, tysabri was the best choice. rebif was not working, and novantrone (the next choice) brought with it a warning about congestive heart failure (which already runs strongly in my family), and we felt that the risks associated with tysabri were so minimal, that it was the best choice. the warnings they shove in your face about this rare brain infection are very scary, but it has been in use for over a year with zero problems, and my neuro said i had a better chance of being hit by a bus. everything has risks, and this seemed acceptable to me.

when i went for my first infusion on friday, the nurse said she is seeing more and more tysabri. my neuro also said that it is so effective, before too much longer, everyone will be on it.

life, espcially life with ms, is full of what-ifs and what-nexts, and lesser-of-two evils, and for me, the choice basically was allow the disease to progress unchecked (which to me meant a wheelchair pretty soon) or accept the very minimal risk of this new medication that carries a very high rate of efficacy. i can still do all the dietary and excersize stuff, too, but it made sense to me to do the meds as well.

so far, so good.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “why ty?”

  1. “when i went for my first infusion on friday, the nurse said she is seeing more and more tysabri”

    Glad to see that whole FDA scare did not corrupt this opportunity.

  2. thanks for your candor Stephen. I’m sure that there are many others like myself that are now facing the same choices.

  3. Fight the wheelchair. Every step of the way!

    I hate my daily shots of Copaxone, but I can’t face the rapid decline that I saw this past Spring.

    Everyone must do what works for them, and that does require risks and decisions, and there is very little we can offer one another in advice. Your MS is not my MS.

    Keep us posted. We are all watching.

  4. Sounds like you made the “right” choice for you…and you didn’t even consult the MAGIC 8 BALL (as I have been known to do!)…

    Linda D. in Seattle

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