in the course of may daily surfing (doesn’t everyone have a regular web route they follow every day?) i came across a post on lifehacker asking people to submit pix of their “go bag,” the messenger bag or whatever they take when they go out. they wanted to see what items and “productivity tools” people were carrying. not only do i not own anything i’d consider a “productivity tool,” when i go out the last thing i’m thinking about is being productive. am i hopelessly behind the curve? do my camera, cell phone and the current book i’m reading qualify as “productivity tools?” and if i carry them in my hands rather than a bag, do they count? and why do i care about any of this?


3 thoughts on “NO GO BAG

  1. In the Spring I began to carry a tiny dictation device, to aid my memory while I was in an exacerbation, but the batteries constantly went dead. So I began to carry the cell phone, to call in any notes.

    That worked well for a while, but I’m just as bad with the battery of that, too.

    So I carry nothing productive. Works for me.

  2. I didn’t realise it but I do have a “Go Bag”. It’s either already in my car or near the door. It has my camera, drawing pencils and pens, a water cup and a small pan of watercolors,a few small brushes, a sketch book and a small pad of watercolor paper. I actually have been ready to carry this around with me, but not surprisingly, I don’t remember the last time I actually opened it up and was “productive” with any of it.There obviously was serious intention at some point. 🙂

  3. I carry a rather full bookbag with a bucktool, umbrella (I live in Seattle after all!), calendars, pens, check book, assortment of cards (for those “forgotten” birthday/event situations), a notebook, pocket organizer, my MedicAlert drive, gum, a small first aid kit…oh, and did I forget to mention the kitchen sink?!? No wonder my back hurts from carrying this all the time…LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

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