ms psychosis

this is a terribly sad story, any way you look at it.Nimisha Tiwari bought a can of gas, doused herself and her two children, and set them on fire. the only motive that seems to be surfacing is that she and her husband had been having difficulties, and that she had ms, and might have been experiencing some sort of psychosis related to depression, or meds. at this point, it seems little is clear about it. i have heard that psychotic reactions can occur in people with ms, but i’ve never heard of such an extreme case.

apparently, she says her husband was abusing her and that her in-laws were “controlling” him, he says the ms was causing mental problems. i guess combining the two can lead to such things.

any way you look at it, it is terribly sad when someone is driven by whatever means to do something like that. breaks my heart.

more later, i’m sure.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “ms psychosis”

  1. Outside of the horror involving the children … this will make MS a potential leverage stick in divorces when it comes to the children. I don’t expect to be divorced any time … but the state has a habit of getting into these things.

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