happy birthday

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to me!


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

9 thoughts on “happy birthday”

  1. Well Happy Birthday to you!

    To be honest, I can never remember if you are three weeks older than me, or three weeks younger. And the verdict is older.

    Just returned from the UK where I got the kid all settled into her flat for a school year abroad. Classes start next Monday, and there is much registration confusion.

    Will send her phone number on so she and Benzo can stay in touch.

  2. Happy birthday–I hope you did something special for yourself. This is a nice time of the year to have a birthday with the fall foliage and all

  3. Belated birthday greetings, Steven. I hope you enjoyed your day and have a good year ahead of you.

    Love, Virginia

    P.S. If you see ‘Phillips’ on my display name it’s because I added it for Google Blog Search!

  4. Sorry, I had a horrible feeling I’d spelled your name wrong: STEPHEN. With a ‘ph’.

    Too worried about ‘ph’ Phillips.

    Ah – brain lesions!

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