got over my ms self

ok, i’m over it. i’m still angry at multiple sclerosis, i’m still mourning the things i’ve lost, still struggling to deal with the adaptations it requires. but i’m taking another step.

i had a tai chi teacher many years ago who taught that we should go thru the entire form, as the progression of movements is called, and then step into the next moment as if nothing had happened. not to stop and think, “gee, look what i just did, i did a whole tai chi form, good for me!” but to take the next step into the next moment.

i have been working with a physical therapist for the last few weeks, and we just agreed that beyond the stretches she had given me, there wasn’t much else she could do. she suggested i give tai chi a try, reviving my old practice, as she thought it would help my lower body strength and balance. the next morning, i did about 2 minutes of it, repeating the opening few steps a few times, and was amazed at how hard it was, and how now, several days later, i am still feeling it in my legs and hips. i guess i am more out of shape than i thought.

she also suggested i meet with the adaptive sports person, to talk about handcycles and sit-skiing, both of which have me all excited. i for some reason never gave either of them a thought, and now the idea that i could be out there biking around is very interesting. of course, i see myself in the boston marathon already – patience, grasshopper.

i really appreciate the support i get from you readers and commenters. it means a lot, more than the support i get from most other people.

and yes, i had a very happy birthday, thank you for all of your wishes. one more year before AARP kicks in!


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “got over my ms self”

  1. I am taking a risk here. I haven’t been to the Maine MS Society for years, but there is a guy in Maine who does the MS Marathons in those 3-wheeled bikes (if that is what you are referring to) and he is still a familiar figure out there riding his bike. Maybe you could call the MS Society and they might link you up with him for advice, if you haven’t already. Articles have been written about him in the area newspapers. Recumbent bikes?

  2. As the old Playtex Bra Commercials used to say, “Support can be beautiful”. Glad to hear you are feeling that extra-tight hug of a “C-cup”. LOL

    (Please…it’s just the steroids talking…this too shall pass!)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. I’ve been noticing that of late, my TSD has been a tad more difficult these days. Just getting old, is my excused. Deep down, I know differently.

  4. oh man…i need to kick myself. i missed your birthday! well…happy belated birthday to you! you sound absolutely great and i love your ideas. tell me more about that tai chi saying. i want to embrace that.

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