a good time to have multiple sclerosis

when i was first diagnosed, about 4 years ago, my neurologist told me that it was a good time to have ms, because it was the most researched disease there was, and new discoveries were immanent. that was before the whole tysabri business happened.

and i see in the news today about Alemtuzumab and daclizumab are showing promise. not to mention all the developments with remylenization in mice, and First New Multiple Sclerosis Gene Found in 30 Years.

as much as i hurt this morning (a long walk with my camera on the beach on saturday and wood splitting on sunday), i’d like to believe that this really is a good time to have ms. at least the next generation will have more tools at their disposal.

did tysabri #3 on friday, and as much as i tried not to hope for dramatic results, i’m a little disappointed not to find any. i don’t seem to be getting any worse (except for days like today, after a few days when i clearly overdid the activity), but any improvement i think can be tied directly to the little bits of yoga that i do (on most mornings). ah, well, maybe in my next life i’ll come back as a mouse with ms, and things will be better.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “a good time to have multiple sclerosis”

  1. Well, shucks on that Tysabri issue for you…I had really hoped from afar you ALSO might be seeing some improvement versus holding your own. But I’ll continue to wish upon the same star you are from over here…can’t hurt!

    Linda D. in Seattle

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